Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Outfit: Forest princess

Sometimes you have to look back in order to moving forward. You don't look back because you want to go back, sometimes you just have to remind yourself how far you've come. There are certain events, people, memories that have brought you HERE where you are today. Always remember: You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life! :) When you looked back the only possible next step is to MOVE FORWARD (in every challenge/situation that life brings you)! :)

I love my new white sneakers (they are glowing on the sun - apparently?!). They are so not me, but so comfy and cute that I had to buy them. They look almost the same as Nike sneakers, except they are a lot cheaper. Yaay!

Into the woods you have to go with a hood. (:
 Finally I can wear this parka that I've bought in Vienna a few months ago. It's very thick, girly and it can be folded. Adorable! 

Hearts on heart with heart. <3

I'm just a smiley and silly girl. :)

Wearing: sneakers (Deichmann), tee (New Yorker), parka (Primark), leather pants (H&M), headband (Tally Weijl)

Hope to find my happy ending soon. :)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Outfit: Zippers

Oh, how much I missed wearing skirts. I think that in the past year and a half everything has changed, including me and so did my style. Normally I was wearing skirts for the most of the time, but now there would have to be a special occasion for that. I really need to start wearing skirts again! :) This outfit that I was wearing yesterday is girly, but with a touch of darkness because of the jacket. Maybe in warmer days I would wear baby pink blazer for a totally girly elegant look, but yesterday I added my all time favorite jacket with zippers. (:

There are also zippers on the skirt, so the jacket was a perfect match. 
I also have to tell you how happy I am that I can finally wear flats. They are my favorite footwear! :)

*wearing: skirt (Terranova), flats (Princess shop), hairband (Pimkie), bag (Pimkie), jacket (New Yorker)

I have to thank my dear friend L. for taking my pictures. <3

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Outfit: Casual spring pink

Nothing haunts us more like the things we didn't buy, haha.
I will tell you a story about my new pink purse. One Saturday me and my sister went shopping. At the end of our shopping day (I only bought two Yankee candles, because I don't like new collections in the stores :() we stopped at Deichmann in Maribor. There I saw this perfect, little fuchsia pink purse. But I didn't buy it. While we were driving home I just couldn't stop thinking about how gorgeous it was (this happens a lot actually, haha), so we stopped at the Deichmann in my home town. When I stepped there into the store I didn't see this purse in my pink color and I became frustrated, because I thought that this purse is not meant to be mine. But then the seller brought it to me from the storage and I was very happy. There's no need to say that I can't stop wearing it and that I'm actually quite obsessed with it. It's just perfect for the spring. :) <3

What can be more cute than a black and white outfit with some bright accessories? (:
Lately I love wearing casual and comfy outfits. Maybe because I want to wear my new shoes/sneakers all the time and with them I can't combine a dress or a skirt. Well, maybe I could, but I just don't like that combination.

Wearing: shirt(Primark), jeans (H&M), shoes&purse (Deichmann), ring(New Yorker)
On my nails: Essie- Funny face

Have a wonderful day.
Till next time,