Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY: Make up box

Last night I was so bored and had no idea what to do... I didn't want to spend any more time on my computer and I didn't want to read anything (currently I'm reading the third book from trilogy of EL James: 50 shades of freedom and I really like it, but that's another topic...). So, I was looking at my make up bag and I got an idea that I should make myself a unique make up box, so my make up would be organized all the time.
And that's how I began. :)

For your DIY make up box you need:
* a shoe box (or any kind of a box really)
* scissors
* glue
* markers
* photos of make up products or sketches 

First you just find some sketches of make up products and you draw them on a paper and then cut them out. Then you find some photos of make up products and you cut them out. You can play with shapes. Then you just grab your box and glue and let your imagination fly! :)

That's how my make up box turned out: 

My box is maybe a bit too small for all of my make up, but still it's better than a make up bag. I really like how it turned out! <3

I wish you a lot of joy creating your own box if you decide to create it.