Monday, December 8, 2014

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die

I am a fan of fluffy things. I love fluffy socks, I love fluffy pillows and I love fluffy sweaters. They have become my latest obsession. I don't know why, but they look so adorable and they are so soft and comfy. 

This pink fluffy sweater is just a perfection. It's over sized and too comfy.
 I think it's my favorite sweater at the moment. 

So, this owl hat it's too adorable. I'm not a fan of hats (although I actually love this and the one that I was wearing in THIS post), but outside it's really cold and my health is not in the best condition at the moment, so wearing a hat is almost a must. 
This one is handmade and made by: Drobcene stvari Katie. <3

I also love the leather jacket that I'm wearing. I love the gold details on it and I love the fur. Of course the leather and the fur are fake! :)

*wearing: jeans: H&M, sweater and necklace: Primark, bag: Pimkie, jacket: Tally Weijl, hat: handmade

I have bought this necklace in Primark and it's awesome! With the necklace you get all the letters from the alphabet and you can make your own and unique words. Awesome, right?! 


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chic baby, it's cold outside

Outside it's sooooo cold! I can't believe that it's already December and that winter has arrived. Now it's time for warm sweaters, fluffy socks, hot tea or chocolate with marshmallows, fireplaces.... Soon it will be Christmas and then a NEW year. Oh, time flies by so fast, but it still leaves some things unforgettable... :)

I said that this week there will be two posts about my Vienna haul, and there will be, I just wanted to show you my yesterdays outfit before that. 
In Vienna I did buy a new hat that has a sign Chic on it. I think it's adorable and very suitable for the weather we have. I have also bought this adorable fluffy sweater that you can see on the pictures. I wanted a sweater like that for a long time, but I couldn't find the perfect one anywhere. In Vienna I found a black and a pink one. It was love on a first sight. <3

P.S.: Lately I've been really obsessed with leather things. Ooops!

*Wearing: ankle boots: InFashion (Slovenian store), coat: H&M, bag: Pimkie, leather pants: New Yorker, sweater&hat&necklace: Primark

My dear Samsung Galaxy wore a piggy suit yesterday, hihi. On this picture you can also see my new hearted necklace. I wore it for about an hour and then I ripped it by accident. I really need to fix it, because it's perfect!

I love these fluffy gloves and I love my new lip balm from Primark. It's very moisturizing and perfect for winter. Oh, I forgot to mention that it smells like coconut. <3

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Julija visits: Vienna, Austria

This post will be about my trip to Vienna. I went there with my sister and my friend this weekend. We had a plan that we will first go shopping in SCS shopping center (it's a GIANT shopping center and I'm not even exaggerating) and then in the early afternoon in city Vienna. Well, our plan didn't go exactly as we planned, because we were in Primark store for almost 4 hours. Then we had to eat something, because shopping is exhausting and we had to do some shopping in H&M, Depot and in Ikea. So, when we got to in the city it was already 7 o'clock and outside it was already dark, so we saw Vienna only at night. 
First we stopped by in Starbucks (I love it <3) and then we did a little tour around the city. I loved the decorations around the city (although I hate Christmas spirit 1 month before it, because it ruins everything) and I loved all the buildings and monuments that this city has. That day flew by so fast, that I didn't even had time to be tired. I can't wait for spring or summer when I will go back to Vienna. Yes, it will be mostly because of shopping, but I really want to see this city at daylight and take some proper photos of this beautiful city. Why? Because not only that it was dark outside, but it was raining also, so taking some good photos was a mission impossible. 

* at Landzeit restaurant - if you ever go to Vienna you have to stop there. I don't know why, but people say that it's a must!

* SCS shopping center (well, a little part of it)

*  a giant shopping bag

* yep, I did buy myself a lot of new stuff

* I love taking pictures in front of Starbucks. I really don't know why.

* Vienna 

I don't have any woolen hats (well, I did buy one this weekend, but I didn't have them before), so my friend kindly lend me this woolen set, so I didn't freeze. 

About my outfit:
I wore really comfortable clothes, because I knew that I will have to do a lot of changing because of the shopping. Just some boots, leggings, black dress, black coat and black bag. Black is such a happy color! <3

P.S.: What I have bought in Vienna you will see in my two upcoming posts! Stay tuned.

Do you like Primark store? Did you ever visit Vienna?
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Review:Essence long lasting lipsticks

This post I've been meaning to write for quite some time now, but I did give a privilege to some other posts, so I'm writing it now.
I'm a lipstick addict. I admit it yes. I wasn't much of a lipstick fan 2 years ago, but then I fell in love with one from Chanel and then my obsession has started. I have around 30 lipsticks and I don't think that I have enough shades of them and I know that I won't stop buying them.This post will be about Essence long lasting lipsticks. I have a few of them, because they are really affordable (they cost 2,39 €) and you can choose between a lot of different shades. 

I have 5 Essence long lasting lipsticks. Four of them are in different pink shades (one is almost violet) and one is red. A while ago I wasn't a fan of red lipsticks, but now I love them. 

Essence long lasting lipsticks are not really long lasting.They stay on my lips up to 3 hours if I don't eat or drink anything. Some of them (12- Blush my lips and 10- Cotton Candy) leave a stain on my lips when I eat or drink, others just disappear. But this doesn't bother me, because I put lipstick on my lips every 15 minutes anyway, hehe. After a few hours of wearing Essence long lasting lipstick I have to wipe my lips completely and put on a fresh layer, because you can see previous layers of lipstick on lips and it bothers me. 

12- Blush My Lips
It's a red lipstick. I think it comes from pink color scale, because it's not bright or even dark red. I really like it.

10- Cotton Candy
It's a light pink lipstick. It's my first one Eseence and still I use it the most. :)

13- Love Me
This one is my recent buy and it's something in between nude color and very light pink. It's very suitable to combine it with darker make up.

08- Color Crush 
This color is very bright pink and it makes your lips pop. I like to wear it more in summer.

09- Wear Berries!

The texture of these lipsticks is very smooth and the application is very easy. They are in black plastic packaging and on the edge there is surrounding of a color that lipstick contains. They are not very moisturizing, but they don't dry my lips.

Mostly I buy these lipsticks because I like the variety of shades. My favorite from this collection is 09- Wear Berries! This shade is something in between violet and pink. 

My rating of these lipsticks: 8/10

P.S.: This week I'm planning a few new posts. I was on a shopping trip in Vienna this weekend.
You can see some pictures from Vienna on my Instagram profile: Fashionandpinkheart --> feel free to follow! :)

Oh, I almost forgot. DECEMBER is here. Make it magical.


Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY: Make up box

Last night I was so bored and had no idea what to do... I didn't want to spend any more time on my computer and I didn't want to read anything (currently I'm reading the third book from trilogy of EL James: 50 shades of freedom and I really like it, but that's another topic...). So, I was looking at my make up bag and I got an idea that I should make myself a unique make up box, so my make up would be organized all the time.
And that's how I began. :)

For your DIY make up box you need:
* a shoe box (or any kind of a box really)
* scissors
* glue
* markers
* photos of make up products or sketches 

First you just find some sketches of make up products and you draw them on a paper and then cut them out. Then you find some photos of make up products and you cut them out. You can play with shapes. Then you just grab your box and glue and let your imagination fly! :)

That's how my make up box turned out: 

My box is maybe a bit too small for all of my make up, but still it's better than a make up bag. I really like how it turned out! <3

I wish you a lot of joy creating your own box if you decide to create it.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mrs. always right

I just wanted to show you my new mug. I'm obsessed with it. I got it for a bargain and it's a very big mug (in it you get 0.75 ml of tea). I think that the title says it all. Oh, I forgot to mention the bell... adorable!

Now I'm off to bed.
Sleep well.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


I can't believe that it's already end of October and that autumn is really here. This year went by so fast... Oh well, I can't wear just a blazer outside anymore, because frankly I'm freezing even in my winter coat. You haven't seen it yet... I have bought it a month ago. I was looking for a perfect coat for a long time, but I didn't have any luck and I was scared that this year again I won't find it and that my old coat won't serve me well this winter again. As you can see my fear was unnecessary. I think that this coat is perfect. It has some leather details, big collar and it fits my body. I really don't like oversized coats. 

*Coat is from H&M.

I have found a perfect autumn leather (artificial!) jacket as well. It has enchanted me with its quilted fabric and gold chains and I think that the color of it is very autumn. I think this jacket is fabulous and in time with the trends.

*random shop in Slovenia

Did you find your perfect coat/jacket already?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How I take care of my hair

So, the title of this post says it all... I'm going to talk about my hair, about how I take care of them, to be precisely. I have never colored my hair and I don't even go to the hairdresser. For my 18th birthday I got real hairdressers scissors as a gift and since then I cut my hair by myself. I wash my hair almost every day (I know it's not healthy, but I don't like all greasy hair), but it doesn't damage them, because after every wash up I use a hair spray and oil for hair. 

If you like wearing ponytail I really recommend you to buy Invisibobble hair ring. You get 3 of them in a lovely small box for only 5 €. They don't rip your hair and they are traceless (they don't leave any trails of a hair ring). I can't wear any other hair ring since I have tried these.

For your hair is very important to have a perfect brush. I have Ulala! brush which is similar to Tanglee Teezer. It's like perfect brush with amazing bristles that don't pull you hair. If you like to brush your wet hair (they say that you shouldn't ever do that, because you damage your hair) it's a perfect brush for you as well.

My top two hair products are:  Moroccan oil (you can read my review here: Moroccan oil) and GLISS from Schwarzkopf. 

GLISS really repairs your hair and it smells really nice. This one that I have now it's for dull hair without shine, but I did buy it because of his smell and because it is turkiz with glitters. Usually I use the gold one. You just spray this spray on your wet or dry hair and that's it.

That's how I take care of my hair.
How do you take care of your hair?

Now I'm off to do some studying and reading 50 shades of gray (so far I really like this book! :))

Sunday, September 21, 2014

At Ptuj castle

Two days ago I was spending my morning with my sister. We went around stores in Ptuj and then at Ptuj castle for a cake and a pink drink. 
After a few days there was also sun on the sky and it was a really nice morning. :)

Boyfriend jeans, Lee Cooper leather shoes that look like All-stars, trapez bag, big sunnies and parka vest... that's what I was wearing. :)
I'm not a huge fan of parkas, but this vest is something not very usual to see and that's why I have bought it.

* wearing: tee and boyfriend jeans: New Yorker, Lee Cooper shoes: Sports direct, bag: Pimkie, parka vest: Terranova, sunnies: H&M

Hope you're having a great time.