Friday, May 1, 2015

Little trip + outfit post

I love exploring new places and I love trips with my friends. Yesterday we went in a city called Bad Radkersburg in Austria, then we went to the ZOO in Radenci (Slovenia), then to the Negova castle and for the end of our little trip we visited Negova lake (Slovenia). We had so much fun! :) 

Bad Radkersburg is a very quiet and small, but yet very clean and adorable city. It's also right across the border with Slovenia and just 10 minutes away from city Radenci. 

I had to take pictures in front of these bee doors! They are just too awesome. 

As you can see my styling was very comfy and easy. I wanted it to be as comfortable as possible. I was wearing just some light jeans (H&M), my favorite sneakers (Deichmann), sporty-elegant blazer (H&M), wide tee (New Yorker) and big sunnies (H&M). Perfecto! :)

Sikalu Zoo in Radenci
You can check out their facebook page: SikaluZoo

I really love visiting ZOOs. I think it's very interesting seeing all these beautiful and funny animals that you can't see everyday. It's awesome that I was able to take a picture with a peacock! Oh, I can't forget to mention these adorable goats. I really want one, haha. 

Negova castle and Negova lake

Look at that! It really is a beautiful lake. It almost left me speechless when I saw it. <3

If you want to see more pictures from this trip feel free to check out my IG profile: fashionandpinkheart

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  2. Bad Radkensburg ima tudi slovensko ime, Gornja Radgona. Za ovce si pa mislim, da jih lahko vidiš tudi kje bližje sebi, ne le v živalskem vrtu :).

    1. Koliko vem pravijo mestu drugače Stara Radgona in ne Gornja. :) Drugače pa je v tem živalskem vrtu veliko različnih živali, ki pa jih ravno ne vidiš vsak dan. ;)


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