Saturday, February 28, 2015

My top 4 beauty products in baby pink color

If you're reading my blog you know that I can be sometimes a total girly girl and that I love pink color. Because of this fact I decided to write a post where I will review you my top 4 beauty products that are in baby pink color. :)

1. Treaclemoon body milk- Iced strawberry dream 

It's a shame that this body milk is not suitable for eating, because it smells like a strawberry ice cream and I really want to eat myself when I apply it on my skin. :) 
This product is not tested on animals and one of it's ingredients is water. It also contains sheabutter and it's super moisturizing and because of that is very suitable for dry skin. I have bought it in the cutest small packing that contains 60 ml of the product and it cost around only 1,20 €. I'm sure that I will buy a lot of treaclemoon products in the future. :)
My rating: 10/10 

2. Lip balm with sheabutter 

Okay, as you can see this lip balm is giant. It looks like you're applying glue on your lips, haha. I bought it in H&M for around 2 €. It smells like passionfruit and it's smell is amazing and very sweet. When I'm wearing it on my lips I want to eat myself (again! haha). It's very suitable for winter, because it's very moisturizing.
My rating: 10/10

3. Essence LD: Hidden stories- highlighter

I needed a new highlighter and when I saw Hidden stories collection from Essence I decided to buy 01 ROSE IN WONDERLAND highlighter. It's a cream highlighter and you just apply it with your hands. It's color is very light pink, I would even say that it's a mixture of pink and silver. It's pigmentation is alright, nothing wow. It's suitable for a quick make up when you want to highlight your chicks and your nose just a bit. For a 10,7 g of product you pay around 3 €. 
 My rating:8/10

4. Essie nail polish

It's no secret that my favorite nail polishes are the Essie ones. They are really long lasting and they have such lovely colors. I also like their bottles and their price is also not too bad. They cost around 10 €. One of my favorites is the one with the name Muchi, muchi. It's a very light pink color, almost nude pink if you compare it to Essie- Fiji. :)
My rating: 10/10

I really like all of the products above. <3
Till next time,