Thursday, October 23, 2014

How I take care of my hair

So, the title of this post says it all... I'm going to talk about my hair, about how I take care of them, to be precisely. I have never colored my hair and I don't even go to the hairdresser. For my 18th birthday I got real hairdressers scissors as a gift and since then I cut my hair by myself. I wash my hair almost every day (I know it's not healthy, but I don't like all greasy hair), but it doesn't damage them, because after every wash up I use a hair spray and oil for hair. 

If you like wearing ponytail I really recommend you to buy Invisibobble hair ring. You get 3 of them in a lovely small box for only 5 €. They don't rip your hair and they are traceless (they don't leave any trails of a hair ring). I can't wear any other hair ring since I have tried these.

For your hair is very important to have a perfect brush. I have Ulala! brush which is similar to Tanglee Teezer. It's like perfect brush with amazing bristles that don't pull you hair. If you like to brush your wet hair (they say that you shouldn't ever do that, because you damage your hair) it's a perfect brush for you as well.

My top two hair products are:  Moroccan oil (you can read my review here: Moroccan oil) and GLISS from Schwarzkopf. 

GLISS really repairs your hair and it smells really nice. This one that I have now it's for dull hair without shine, but I did buy it because of his smell and because it is turkiz with glitters. Usually I use the gold one. You just spray this spray on your wet or dry hair and that's it.

That's how I take care of my hair.
How do you take care of your hair?

Now I'm off to do some studying and reading 50 shades of gray (so far I really like this book! :))

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  1. Imam tudi sama gumice pomoje jih imam že ene pet in tudi krtačo imam Tanglee Teezer in sem več kot zadovoljna, res priporočam vsem, ki še niso preizkusile teh izdelkov, top!


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