Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Outfit: Pop of P I N K

My two favorite colors are black and pink. I love pink for decor stuff and black for, well everything in fact. Pink is such a bright color and it's perfect for rainy days when you want to cheer up a bit. This outfit that I'm showing you today I was wearing to the concert of Gal Gjurin and his band (he's a Slovenian singer). Currently my hometown is hosting a music festival named Arsana. In the past week or so there were a lot of concerts and fun events that you could attend to and will be able to attend till this friday (I think). :)

Degrees here in Slovenia are not even close to those that should be in the summertime. Outside it's raining non stop for the past 4 days, so I can't even wear my summer clothes. That's the reason why I wore my fave leather pants today. Hope to have my summer weather back asap! :)

Today I didn't want straight hair, but I also didn't want big curls... so I just made a braid and disband it - and viola. 
It's funny that my hair are all natural and they look like I have ombre hairstyle. I have never used a hair color in my life and I don't even intend to until it won't be necessary. I guess I'm a lucky girl when it comes to my hair. :)

*wearing: pants: Terranova, shoes: Ann Christine, blazer: H&M, tee and belt/purse: online

Oh and remember - you always have to keep moving forward, no matter how hard the situation is! :)

Big pink kisses to you all.


  1. Čudovit outfit, super barvna kombinacija, res top! :)

  2. Kako super outfit! Izgleda ful dobr! :)

    x, Katja

  3. To je pa res čudovit outfit, pinki s črno <3


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