Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Outfit update: Tartan in my heart

Hello loves!
I've decided that I will start a new kind of posts. I will call them Outfit update. In this kind of posts I will show you a few details from my outfit, because I didn't have time and energy to take some proper pictures. 
Hope you will like it. :)

Past days were a bit intense for me. I'm still tired from the weekend - I was working for 24 hours in two days. So basically I didn't have time to even eat properly and my stomach still hurts a bit. And I've been wondering why we have some people in our hearts, but we can't have them in our lives?! It's so unfair...
Well... enough whining for me. At least the weather is amazing for autumn! A few sun rays and we all have smiles on our faces, no matter how hard life gets. :) 
Aren't I chatty today?! 
Now, let's talk about my outfit. :)

I wore a bit wide shirt with tartan print with leather pants and boots up to the knee. To my outfit I added minimalistic gold necklace with pearl and on my shirt I put leather jacket. Comfy and chic. :)

*wearing: shirt and necklace from Primark
            sunnies and pants from H&M
   boots from Deichmann

This dark red lipstick from Primark (I talked about it in this post here) is a perfect match with my shirt, hihi. :)

Have a nice day,


  1. Love your look! So appropriate for fall, and the red lip takes it to a more sophisticated level.

  2. Tartan in leder sta TOP kombinacija <3


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