Monday, July 7, 2014

Long Island Diner

First there was Spain and now it's Croatian coast. I'm spending my family vacation in a small village near Zadar in Croatia. We are returning here for 15 years and this place has become my second home. Although we are staying here until Sunday I'm already counting the days until my vacation with my friends in August. This year I will truly enjoy the sea! <3

These pictures were taken during a short walk around the sea. Just a comfy skirt and some dots. :)

*wearing: tee&shoes: H&M (kids section), skirt: New Yorker, watch: Geneva

P.S.: recently I have discovered this amazing song: Amnesia. Melody and lyrics are just perfect. It describes my feelings perfectly!

Talk to you soon.
kisses from the sea,


  1. amazing look! so casual and chic! :) love that music too!
    big kiss!


  2. wow! Wish i lived this close to a place i could take photos in. Love pink too!

    I'd love it if you'd check out my blog as well! xx

  3. Jaz imam še tri tedne za čakat, da pridem do morja. Komaj čakam! :)

  4. So cute, love your tee! :D

  5. you look very pretty and beautiful pictures!

    xoxo Kira

  6. Kdo bi se lahko uprl morju? :) Outfit je ravno primeren za brezkrbne počitnice, sandali, krilo.. pa dobro da nisem edina, ki si ogleduje stvari na otroških oddelkih ;) xx Maja

  7. kjut outfit ! Upam, da si se imela najbolj čudovito kar se da ;)

  8. Hvala za obisk na mojem blogu. Kulci outfit :)

  9. Ah, kako se mi lušta morja :) Super si :)

  10. As always, love your outfit, specially that bathing suit!! Thanks so much for your comment in my blog. Im so glad I follow you, because i would love to invite you to my online store which literally is your style!! -

  11. This place is so beautiful!

  12. Jaz sem tudi ravno z morja, postane kar tvoj drugi dom sploh, če se tja vračaš leta in leta (:
    Sicer pa odličen outfit in blog, xoxox


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