Sunday, August 24, 2014


So, this is summer?! It sure doesn't feel like it. It's so cold and it's raining all the time. Most of my new summer wardrobe I wore only once or I didn't even had a chance. A few posts ago I wrote how much I love this weather, because I can wear my boyfriend jeans, but now I'm not so sure about how much I love this weather anymore. But I still love my boyfriend jeans and they are one of my top 10 pieces in my wardrobe and sure as hell I need to buy them more! :) I think that you can combine them with everything. This outfit is including boyfriend jeans (yes I know- again), my favorite tartan shirt (I still love it and I don't care if tartan is not very trendy anymore), a sporty white tee, big watch and big earrings with lions. I would say that this is my sporty style. :) 

*wearing: jeans&white tee: New Yorker, shirt&shoes: H&M, bag: Pimkie, watch&earrings: Alliexpress

Hope you had a fun weekend (I sure did! :D)


  1. I am starting to see more and more plaid worn in the summer. I actually think it is cool because of the unexpectedness of it. Your earrings are beautiful. The handbag and earrings really add a level of sophistication to this, otherwise, casual look.


  2. Luškana srajčka :)


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