Sunday, August 3, 2014

Seaside with Batman

I can't believe that a year ago I didn't like Batman. Now I'm like WHY?! I always thought that Batman is a bad and that Batman movies are like "the dark movies". And when I finally decided to watch them I was out of my mind. I adore his logo and Batmobile. <3 hihi, I can't wait to buy a Batman game on Steam and start playing it. Now I will be finally able to do that, because I have a new computer, double yaay :)
Oh, I really need to find some Batman strips. I'm so curios how they look like. If you know where to get them, please let me know. :)

A few days before our family vacation I saw a Batman t-shirt for my little nephew and since I love Batman so much I had to buy him this tee. I have the same, so when we went on a long walk around Privlaka (Zadar, Croatia) we looked like twins, hihi.

Batman has celebrated anniversary of his existence in comic books on 27. June. His character is existing for 75 years. <3

* my little Batman nephew.

I don't like to wear much make up when I'm at the seaside. I wore just some  powder and mascara in the evening.
Here I wore really simple black comfy skirt, because I wanted to emphasize my Batman tee. It's probably my favorite tee in the whole closet. :)



  1. Awww so cute love your matching batman outfits xxxx
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  2. That's so cute how you twinned with your nephew!

    Batman is my favorite superhero. I like how he's got his faults too unlike the infallible Superman.

  3. The idea is really cute and wonderful and you look so cool <3
    xx from Germany, Rena

  4. Ahh, fabulous look, hun ^_^



  5. How sweet the mini-me look!!!! You are a beauty Julia, I love your hair!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  6. Haha, kako sta dobra s tamalim, oba v Batman majčkah :)


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