Friday, September 18, 2015

Outfit post: Autumn leaves

Hot chocolate. Fuzzy socks. Autumn leaves. Changing colors. Bare trees. Halloween. Bonfires. Chestnuts. Boots. Tea. Sweater weather. Hoodies. Wine red color. Darker lipsticks. Late nights in cozy bed. Oh, autumn is so great. But I wonder... how can autumn be so beautiful and all glowing when the nature around us is literally slowly dying? And then after a couple of months when the nature is dead comes spring and encourages it to try again... Well, I guess human life is the same. If you fall you always get back on your feet and try again no matter what. (:

This one is my first autumn outfit. I really love my new boots and my all time favorite shirt. I still love tartan print. Well, I also love high waisted pants and gold details. I should say that I really love this outfit. What about you? :)

 *wearing: H&M boots, shirt and tee ; New Yorker pants, Limi bag, handmade earrings, eBay necklace

I added this picture, because I can be very shy in front of the camera and because I really like this kind of hair style lately. (: 
P.S.: My hair is all natural. I have never dyed it or anything. In real life my hair is much lighter than on the pictures sometimes. I guess it depends of the lightning. :)



  1. Res top jesenski outift, super ti paše! :)

  2. Se strinjam z Lariso, super outfit :) Frizura je pa top!

  3. Hello,

    Beautiful look ! :D



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