Sunday, October 25, 2015

New in: cute accessories and make up

It's Saturday evening and I'm in my bed listening to a new stunning song from Adele (Hello) and writing this post... I guess miracles do happen, because usually I would be partying at this time, haha! A few days ago I had a shopping day with my sister and my friend. Our main stop was Primark store in Graz. I decided to show you some accessories and make up products that I have bought. :)

First I will show you my new lip balm and nail polish, because I didn't buy them in Primark. :)

1. EOS lip balm

Finally I own this little bastard! It has mint flavor and it really is the best lip balm I ever owned. It's very yummy and moisturizing. You can buy it in Muller and DM for 5,99€. :)

2. Essie nail polish

It's no secret that I'm head over heels about Essie nail polishes. With my sister we already own around 25 nail polishes and when we saw this love (In the lobby) we had to add it to our collection. With this nail polish we also got Essie spa hand creme that is amazing! It's so moisturizing and it smells divine. I hope that soon we will be able to buy it in drugstore too. 

And now it's time for things bought in Primark. :)

3. Fluffy socks

I couldn't help myself when I saw these fluffy socks. The whole package is so adorable. They really are meant for snuggling (shame that I don't have anyone to snuggle with, hihi). 

4. Bambi fluffy socks

Yep, they really are too adorable. Again, I couldn't help myself. I really love wine red color that has a violet touch this season. 
On picture there are 3 different shades of Essie polishes - Bahama Mama, In the Lobby and Bordeaux. :)

5. Candles 

When autumn and winter arrive my room is always filled with pleasant smells from the candles. I really love them and these three smell too good and look too cute. 
I got smells:  Pink grapefruit, Red berry & jasmine and Sweet vanilla & coconut <3

6. Matte lipsticks

I just couldn't go pass this cute little box of lipsticks. I love polka dots, gold, pink and lipsticks... and when I can get all those things in one... shut up and take my money! :D
These lipsticks are matte and really gorgeous.

In box you find pink, red and burgundy shades of lipsticks. How they really look  you can see on the picture above. I have already tried burgundy lipstick and it's amazing. It's really long lasting and it doesn't dry your lips at all. It also smells great, because every shade smells different. The whole box cost only 4 €, and these were the best spent 4 € ever. :)

7. Lipstick

I just had to buy another lipstick, because this red shade is gorgeous. A year ago I was wearing mostly pink lipsticks, but now my favorite are dark red ones. And there is not such a thing as having too many dark red lipsticks or lipsticks at all, haha! :)

8. Kitty mug

How could I not buy it? It's just too adorable. :)

8. Anklet

This package of anklets was discounted, so I just grabbed them. Also I can wear them as bracelets. :)

9. Hair band

For a long time I was looking for a hair band like this... And I finally found it in Primark, yaay!

10. Necklaces 

I love gold necklaces. All of these can be worn separately.

10. Concealer & make up fixing spray

I have already tried concealer and it's great! It covers yours imperfections completely, almost like Pan stick from Max factor. 
I'm very curious about make up fixing spray... we shall see how it works soon! :)

I also did buy a lot of clothes, but I didn't want to include them in this post. I'm sure you will be able to see them in my future posts.
I really like Primark, it's one of my favorite stores!

What about you, do you like Primark? :)

Now I'm off to sleep,
sweet dreams my loves,


  1. Se pridružujem Anji :) Seveda prevladujejo šminke :P Lepi odtenki! Meni je pa najprej v oči padel Essie, glede na to, da jih obožujem :) Pa tudi nogavičke so lepe. Vse je super, na kratko povedano :P


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