Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Army green + leather

It's time for the last outfit post in 2015. I just can't believe that the year is already gone. This year has been really good to me. I realized that I need to love myself first, I spent some quality time with my friends and my family, I partied a lot, I visited some new countries, I worked a lot and I was just enjoying life. Now it's time to set some goals for 2016. It's time for some school projects to be done, maybe to find love again... but of course, enjoying life is still a priority. 
You only live once, so tell me - what are you living for? :)

I think that black and army green were mine most worn colors of this year. I also can't forget gold that was almost always partner in crime when it comes to details. :)

I still can't believe how warm and sunny this winter is. Today I was wearing my short leather jacket that it's suitable for autumn, but I didn't feel any cold. :)
And how nice is this long army green shirt? You can wear it on pants or on some leggings. Primark rocks! :)
Faux leather... probably my most worn material this year - even in summer. :) 

*wearing: boots and purse from Deichmann
shirt from Primark
leather pants from H&M
leather jacket from Tally Weijl
earrings and bracelet from eBay

Thank you Santa for this cute little black purse (I guess I was a good girl after all, haha). I already have this purse in royal blue shade, but the black one is even more perfect. 

On my nails is Essie- Really Red and on my lips is plum lipstick from Essence Merry Berry limited edition in shade 01 let's the tales begin. :)

I hope that 2015 was good to you as well. 
Recap of my blog year you will be able to read on my blog till New Year's Eve. :)

Be good and don't forget to wear something red on you New Year's Eve. Legend says that red will bring you love in the year that's ahead of you - it's worth the try. 



  1. Super kombinacija! Torbica je top<3

  2. Super kombinacija! Torbica je top<3

  3. Waw, res noro dobra kombinacija!
    Sicer pa uhančki so mi tak lepi, da šibam takoj na e-Bay pogledat kje najdem podobne hihi :P


    1. Hvala Evica. <3
      Na eBay majo tolko takih podobnih uhančkov, da se ti zmeša. :D Jaz sem naročila enih 7 parov že, haha. :D :D


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