Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: Mat lippies

Hello loves! :)
This post today will be about my favorite make up products on the whole world - lipsticks. <3 
A few months ago I have bought a set of mat lipstick in Primark. I really liked the package, but I didn't have any expectations about lipsticks. 
Do you want to know my opinion? Then you need to read further.

Package: In a very cute pink box with big gold dots you find 3 lipsticks. I love this box, because it looks like it's meant to be a part of decoration in my room. :)

Price: 4,50 € for 3 lipstick. Yup, because of a very low price I didn't have any expectations. 

Colors: Pink, Red, Violet

It's very vibrant pink lipstick that will be great for hot summer nights. I have only wore it once on my lips, because I think it's too bright for winter. I can't believe how long lasting this lipstick is. It lasts on my lips for whole day and it doesn't dry my lips for even a bit. Usually all mat lipsticks do that, but with this one I really don't feel like my lips are dry. Removing this shade is not very easy, because even after removing you can see a bit of a stain on your lips. Also the pigmentation is amazing. Just two pulls and your lips are ready to rock hot summer nights! :) 

It's a very Snow white kind of red, but maybe it has a bit pink undertone after wearing it for a few hours. Lately I've been putting this lipstick on my lips a lot. From the package this is the most long lasting lipstick. It stays on my lips for the whole night or day and like the pink one it doesn't dry my lips for even a bit. Removing of this one is the hardest, because it doesn't want to go off your lips. Pigmentation and mat finish are also amazing. I love love love this lipstick! <3

It's a medium dark violet shade that's not too vampy, but still dark. It's the least long lasting lipstick from this package. I don't know why, but after eating a lot of lipstick goes away. I really love this shade, so it's a bit shame for bad lasting. Also the pigmentation is not as good as at previous two, but it's still pretty much amazing. :)

All three lipsticks have different scents. I can't recognize their actual scent, but the red one reminds me of a sweet bubble gum. Yum! :)


My final opinion:
I can't believe how great lipsticks Primark has. This package hasn't disappoint me for not even a bit. Maybe I would like the same amazing lasting for violet one as it is for red and pink one, but in life we can't have everything, right? 
If you see this lipstick package anywhere in Primark I recommend you to grab it instantly! :)

Pink, red and violet kisses,

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  1. Love the lipsticks especially because they're matte.
    My favorite is violet one. Great price and I love Primark how good stuff they have!
    I follow you,xx


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