Saturday, February 27, 2016

Vampy lipsticks (some new ones)

Hello! :)
In this today I will again talk about lippies. Vampy lips are in trend for quite some time now and I have to admit that I really like vampy shades. I'm wearing them even during the day. Dark red lips are almost my statement make up (in combination with winged eyeliner). :)

Essence (All that greys LE) - 01 Roaring red
Usually I'm not buying lip glosses, because I hate sticky lips, but with this one I made an exception. It has great texture and it applies easily. While I'm wearing it I don't feel like my lips are sticky and it's not too shiny. I don't find these usual lip glosses very long lasting, so I think that lasting with this one is the same as it is with other lip glosses. After you eat or drink it doesn't leave you a weird stain. I really don't regret buying it. :) 
(Swatch of it you can see on the picture on the bottom of this post. :) )

Avon - Wine Berry
I got this lipstick as a Christmas present from my friend and she couldn't choose better. I really love Avon products, especially lipsticks. Wine Berry is not totally vampy shade, but it's a mixture of red and brown. It's a very long lasting lipstick and it applies easily because of the soft structure.
It doesn't have matte finish, but it's also not shiny lipstick. (:

Essence (Merry Berry LE) - 01 let's the berry-tales begin
This lipstick I have bought in December. It was really hard to get this shade because it's so unique. It's not a typical dark red lipstick. It's a mixed shade of plum and dark red and it's really gorgeous.
I really loved the whole Merry Berry collection. Lasting of this lipstick is really good and it doesn't leave that awkward stain after you ate something. If you didn't buy this lipstick from this collection I'm very sorry for you, hihi. 

Catrice (Rough Luxury LE) - 02 Rustic Red
About this lipstick I already wrote a post few weeks ago and what I think about it you can read: here
It'a a dark red lipstick with no undertone, with special scent and it's not a very long lasting one because of the texture. :)

On this picture you can see all the swatches

Most of the lipsticks are from limited editions 
and that's why I didn't write their prices. Maybe you still can find any of them with leftover collections at DM, Muller or Beauty World.
Avon lipsticks you can order at Avon company. :)

What about you, do you like vampy lips? Do you have any of these lipsticks in your lipstick collection? :)

Vampy kisses,

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  1. Vampy odtenki so res zadnje čase 'in'! :) Tale od Essence je lepa, čeprav ko sem jo swatchala, mi je delovala malce premalo vijolično, pa sem si potem premislila :/


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