Friday, July 8, 2016

Outfit post: Big city life

Hello guys! :)
Today I'm so happy, because I had a presentation for my degree and it went really well - I got a 10. Now I just need to finish one more exam and I'm done with university. Yaay! <3

Today I felt like a mermaid because of the skirt I was wearing. It's so shiny and really comfortable. Not to mention that it's totally my style. It's from C&A, and it's one of a few things that I bought there. Usually I just can't find anything for my taste there. <3

I didn't have an amazing week, because I got some allergies and I was stuck in my bed most of the time. Also my old phone died, so now I have a better one (but that's a bit of a yaay!). I just had to give myself a little pep talk yesterday: you're the queen, you're doing great, you can do anything, love u.<3
If you're feeling down remind yourself that you're all these words! :)

tee from H&M
skirt from C&A
shoes from Primark
bag from Pimkie
sunnies from Primark
earrings from eBay

Now I'm off to celebrate my "degree" with loads of wine
Hope your weekend will be amazing.
Loads of love,

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