Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Things I need with me on the beach (collaboration post)

In the summertime when the weather is fine (Mungo Jerry - In the summertime) I like to spend my days on the beach. 
Because I do have a few must haves for the beach I decided to do a collaboration with website that offers you different suggestions for beautiful vacation and write a post about which are my must haves on the beach
On this website you can find best vacation spots and ideas for your vacation. You really should check out their website. You can also find an article about best beach vacations with stunning pictures: here. <3

Thank you so much Home Away for making me this personalized template. It's very cute. <3

As you can see my must haves on the beach are:

A big hat: I have bought mine this year at Primark. It's very important that you have something on your head if you're spending your whole day on the sun. 

Aviator sunnies: or any other sunnies. I'm a bit obsessed with sunglasses - I own around 15 different ones. I just can't look in the sun without them. 
My fave at the moment are: aviator sunglasses.

A beach kimono: I just like to put something on top of my swimsuits when I go to a bar on the beach or something like that. I just feel more comfortable. :)

A cute and big towel: My currently favorite is the one that has a bikini drawn on it (and it's orange). Because I'm a tall girl it's very hard to find enough big towel. #biggirlproblems

Fashion flip flops: I just need sparkly or cute flip flops. That's it. <3
I also got mine in Primark.
Similar: cute flip flops

Of course there are also a few beauty products that I also need with me on the beach.

Afrodita fast tanning jam: It's the best product for fast tanning, but it doesn't have any SPF. I'm one of those people that usually just don't use sun creams, but I'm totally aware this is very bad. Fortunately with this jam I turn from red to brown skin within just a few minutes. 
You can get yours here: Kozmetika Afrodita

After sun lotion, sun cream and hair spray from Avon:
These products are a must have on the beach. I really love my hair and I need them to stay protected from the sun. This Avon hair spray with SPF is a perfect solution and my hair also smell like I just got from a hairdresser. 
Sun cream with 30 SPF it's something that I use for my face, because this is a part of my body that I really need protected. 
After sun lotion with aloe vera is great, because after a long day of sunbathing it's important to moisturize your skin so you prevent it from shelling. 

(Here you can see all of the products from Sun + collection, but this article is in Slovene language:

I also have a bunch of magazines and good books with me. I really love to read on the beach. 

What about you, which products do you normally take with you on the beach? :)



  1. Pri meni je slamnik nujen na plaži, kot tudi sončna očala :) Všeč so mi tvoji flip flop sandali! xx Maja


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