Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chic baby, it's cold outside

Outside it's sooooo cold! I can't believe that it's already December and that winter has arrived. Now it's time for warm sweaters, fluffy socks, hot tea or chocolate with marshmallows, fireplaces.... Soon it will be Christmas and then a NEW year. Oh, time flies by so fast, but it still leaves some things unforgettable... :)

I said that this week there will be two posts about my Vienna haul, and there will be, I just wanted to show you my yesterdays outfit before that. 
In Vienna I did buy a new hat that has a sign Chic on it. I think it's adorable and very suitable for the weather we have. I have also bought this adorable fluffy sweater that you can see on the pictures. I wanted a sweater like that for a long time, but I couldn't find the perfect one anywhere. In Vienna I found a black and a pink one. It was love on a first sight. <3

P.S.: Lately I've been really obsessed with leather things. Ooops!

*Wearing: ankle boots: InFashion (Slovenian store), coat: H&M, bag: Pimkie, leather pants: New Yorker, sweater&hat&necklace: Primark

My dear Samsung Galaxy wore a piggy suit yesterday, hihi. On this picture you can also see my new hearted necklace. I wore it for about an hour and then I ripped it by accident. I really need to fix it, because it's perfect!

I love these fluffy gloves and I love my new lip balm from Primark. It's very moisturizing and perfect for winter. Oh, I forgot to mention that it smells like coconut. <3

Have a nice day.


  1. I love the coat you have here and the beanie! such a fun winter outfit!

  2. Zelo luštna kapa,
    zelo lep plašček in puloverček :)

  3. Pretty! :)


  4. Super outfit! Vse puhasto pride več kot prav pozimi ;) xx Maja


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