Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Julija visits: Vienna, Austria

This post will be about my trip to Vienna. I went there with my sister and my friend this weekend. We had a plan that we will first go shopping in SCS shopping center (it's a GIANT shopping center and I'm not even exaggerating) and then in the early afternoon in city Vienna. Well, our plan didn't go exactly as we planned, because we were in Primark store for almost 4 hours. Then we had to eat something, because shopping is exhausting and we had to do some shopping in H&M, Depot and in Ikea. So, when we got to in the city it was already 7 o'clock and outside it was already dark, so we saw Vienna only at night. 
First we stopped by in Starbucks (I love it <3) and then we did a little tour around the city. I loved the decorations around the city (although I hate Christmas spirit 1 month before it, because it ruins everything) and I loved all the buildings and monuments that this city has. That day flew by so fast, that I didn't even had time to be tired. I can't wait for spring or summer when I will go back to Vienna. Yes, it will be mostly because of shopping, but I really want to see this city at daylight and take some proper photos of this beautiful city. Why? Because not only that it was dark outside, but it was raining also, so taking some good photos was a mission impossible. 

* at Landzeit restaurant - if you ever go to Vienna you have to stop there. I don't know why, but people say that it's a must!

* SCS shopping center (well, a little part of it)

*  a giant shopping bag

* yep, I did buy myself a lot of new stuff

* I love taking pictures in front of Starbucks. I really don't know why.

* Vienna 

I don't have any woolen hats (well, I did buy one this weekend, but I didn't have them before), so my friend kindly lend me this woolen set, so I didn't freeze. 

About my outfit:
I wore really comfortable clothes, because I knew that I will have to do a lot of changing because of the shopping. Just some boots, leggings, black dress, black coat and black bag. Black is such a happy color! <3

P.S.: What I have bought in Vienna you will see in my two upcoming posts! Stay tuned.

Do you like Primark store? Did you ever visit Vienna?
Have a wonderful day.

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