Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Outfit: Casual spring pink

Nothing haunts us more like the things we didn't buy, haha.
I will tell you a story about my new pink purse. One Saturday me and my sister went shopping. At the end of our shopping day (I only bought two Yankee candles, because I don't like new collections in the stores :() we stopped at Deichmann in Maribor. There I saw this perfect, little fuchsia pink purse. But I didn't buy it. While we were driving home I just couldn't stop thinking about how gorgeous it was (this happens a lot actually, haha), so we stopped at the Deichmann in my home town. When I stepped there into the store I didn't see this purse in my pink color and I became frustrated, because I thought that this purse is not meant to be mine. But then the seller brought it to me from the storage and I was very happy. There's no need to say that I can't stop wearing it and that I'm actually quite obsessed with it. It's just perfect for the spring. :) <3

What can be more cute than a black and white outfit with some bright accessories? (:
Lately I love wearing casual and comfy outfits. Maybe because I want to wear my new shoes/sneakers all the time and with them I can't combine a dress or a skirt. Well, maybe I could, but I just don't like that combination.

Wearing: shirt(Primark), jeans (H&M), shoes&purse (Deichmann), ring(New Yorker)
On my nails: Essie- Funny face

Have a wonderful day.
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  1. Luškan outfit :)
    Torbica je pa res lepa kot tudi sama barva :)

  2. Oooo res je lepe barve, prav za pomlad! Sama sicer nisem ljubiteljica rozne, ampak me na čase tudi prime, da pograbim nek dodatek, ki je kričeče rozen :D Outfit je pa tudi srčkan!



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