Thursday, April 9, 2015

Outfit: Zippers

Oh, how much I missed wearing skirts. I think that in the past year and a half everything has changed, including me and so did my style. Normally I was wearing skirts for the most of the time, but now there would have to be a special occasion for that. I really need to start wearing skirts again! :) This outfit that I was wearing yesterday is girly, but with a touch of darkness because of the jacket. Maybe in warmer days I would wear baby pink blazer for a totally girly elegant look, but yesterday I added my all time favorite jacket with zippers. (:

There are also zippers on the skirt, so the jacket was a perfect match. 
I also have to tell you how happy I am that I can finally wear flats. They are my favorite footwear! :)

*wearing: skirt (Terranova), flats (Princess shop), hairband (Pimkie), bag (Pimkie), jacket (New Yorker)

I have to thank my dear friend L. for taking my pictures. <3

Have a nice day.


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